Behind the Shield Podcast

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute honor of having a wonderful conversation with James Geering from The Behind the Shield Podcast.

It’s interesting how life works out. James’ podcast was not the very first I ever listened to, but likely the second or third. I remember listening to Dustin Hawkins on an episode very early on and sobbing in my car. His story resonated with me and I couldn’t believe the pain and trauma he suffered.

Chris Fields spoke to my soul and I’ve ever since used his quote “If you’ve got a story to tell, you need to tell it.” Chris made me believe in the power of healing and the ability to persevere through soul crushing anguish.

I’ve listened to friends and those who would become friends on this podcast. I’ve heard giants in the scientific field and giants in the field of tactical performance. I’ve heard episodes with line personnel, and I relate to their stories. I’ve not listened to every episode, but I can say with certainty that every single story is valuable and will touch lives around the world.

The fact that James thought that I had a story important enough to share is a humbling experience and one that I won’t ever forget. It is truly my honor to work with Firefighters to help them live their best lives and reaching them on a podcast with such a broad base is a force multiplier.

I appreciate the way that James allows his guests to just tell their story. He’s spreading an important message and if you are in law enforcement, fire, the military, corrections or even dispatch you need to hear his messages.

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