I am a certified strength and conditioning coach. I specialize in training firefighters. I AM a firefighter. You might logically conclude that I would be an excellent coach for myself, potentially even the best choice of a coach out there.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term ‘echo chamber’, but for fun, I grabbed a definition from an environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered.

Although I continuously educate myself at regional and national conferences and specialized certification courses, coaching myself is the precisely the definition of an echo chamber. And so, after an approximately 5-year stint without an outside influence, I hired a new coach May 1. It was the right thing to do. It was the best decision possible.

You might think this was easy. It was not. I’m a control freak. I have pre-existing limitations and nasty nagging niggles that turn into tendinopathy in a hot second. I have an extensive surgical history added to the fact that I’m a sleep deprived stressed out first responder. Coupled with the fact that I’m no longer a ‘young’ tactical athlete, it was hard to turn over the reins.

However, once the decision to hire a coach was officially made, picking out the coach was simple. I had seen Hunter Schurrer’s session when we both were presenting at NSCA Tactical 2019 and he’s a friend of a friend (looking at you Nate Palin). I enjoy Hunter’s energy and passion that is very evident in his extremely educational social media posts.

But just to make sure, I headed over to his website at and read the following:

My goal as a coach is to provide the resources and environment that empowers people to achieve their full potential in health and performance.  Whether that is bringing out the best version of yourself through improved fitness, training for a specific sport or preparing the tactical athlete in the military setting, here at The Performance Syndicate, I have the tools to help guide you on your journey.  My focus is built upon movement and function to increase performance.  I adjust your training to your individual goals based off whatever your situation may be to create the best result possible in a fun and safe manner.  Understand that just "working out" is a bill that you are giving yourself, but proper training, that is an investment in a stronger, healthier you. The Performance Syndicate is the result of years of hard work and investment into the art and science of strength and conditioning.  It was developed as a way to give back to those who care about their health and fitness and are constantly looking to improve themselves through an active lifestyle.  I continue the relentless pursuit to help my clients and those around us not only with our physical selves but our overall health and well-being. 

Drop the mic. The rest is history. I texted Hunter, hired him on the spot and he’s been my coach for two weeks. Some of my training looks the same as before and much of it looks very different. And that’s a good thing. My echo chamber is gone. And now I’m the one watching videos on Train Heroic trying to emulate the demonstrations (I’m sorry, but that TRX T-Spine Row thingy is hell on earth Hunter. I look like I have had previous strokes with persistent deficits.) But using Train Heroic has provided me insight into what my firefighters are experiencing when interacting with ME through that platform! Good stuff.

Hunter is very cognizant of my limitations, both real and perceived and he works well with my confusing and extremely full schedule. He even laughs at my jokes (but only sometimes). Bonus: Nate and I have formed a support group that we call ‘Hunter is trying to kill us, but we’re determined to survive’. Meetings are daily.

Do I think coaches should have coaches?


Do I think novice trainees should have coaches?

Also 100%

And great news. I know A LOT of outstanding coaches if you need a suggestion. So, pull the trigger. Hire yourself a shiny new coach. You won’t regret it!

If you’d like to contact Hunter, you can email him at

Or head over to his website at and use the ‘contact’ feature.

Finally, as previously stated, he puts out quality content on the ‘gram, so give him a follow @theperformancesyndicate

AZ is OUT!