Guest Appearance with Nestre Performance

AZ was recently a special guest with Nestre Health and Performance and hosts Dr. Tommy Shavers and Kyle Isreal.

We conversed about firefighter mental health and optimal performance. Nestre Performance specializes in working with high performers including firefighters.

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HEALTH, WELLNESS, PERFORMANCE We are pioneering the science of better and using a unique lens to take a different look at performance. Imagine the possibilities, if we were now able to connect these dots in a way that could help people get exponentially better. Whether you’re experiencing neurocognitive impairment or decline, feel like building your mental strength, or have the desire to better your overall performance; NESTRE is the solution. You can get better, we can help. Let’s Go

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You can follow Nestre on IG at @nestre.performance; @dr.tommyshavers; @kyle.isreal.7