Hi, I'm Annette!

Hi. I’m Annette. I’m a Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Tactical Athlete Coach. I’m also a firefighter. The marriage of those careers has resulted in FireSQ Fitness.

Firefighting and emergency medical services are highly technical and physical occupations. According to one author, “Firefighting is a dangerous occupation; amongst the most arduous occupations that humans can undertake”. (Smith. ACSM Volume 10, Number 3, May 2011) Further, “essentially, there is a mismatch between the fitness and health requirements of strenuous firefighting and the current fitness profile of the US Fire Service.”

Professional athletes benefit from coaching at multiple levels—nutrition, strength and conditioning, position skills, mental training and finally the team coach. Why then, are our firefighters who are depended up on life and death situations left to figure everything out for themselves?

Our firefighting men and women put not only their lives, but their health and well-being on the line for strangers. They need to be in top condition. That’s where FireSQ Fitness comes in.

Thank you for visiting my blog and be on the lookout for fire service related topics weekly.

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