Lex is gonna KILL me!!!

Hey there! AZ.

Superhero website manager and personal assistant Lex is going to kill me for being in here because I'm pretty sure I'm about to #messmywholewebsiteup.

But...I did a kick butt interview with Jacqueline Toomey from First Responder Sleep Recovery and I'm having one heck of a time getting it uploaded to IGTV. I'm hoping that it will eventually appear, but in the meantime...

Here's the clickable link to the YouTube Version: https://youtu.be/KGnL7tk-4KA

This is the culmination of week one of our #Spring4Change initiative brought to you by AZ and Chris from 4th Shift Fitness.

Take a look at the video and check out Jacqueline's website at www.firstrespondersleeprecovery.com

Tomorrow, Lex is probably going to fix everything I messed up and neatly link this to my IG account and everything else. But for now, I'm praying I'm not crashing the world.

In fitness and health,