So. Darn. Hard

I took on a tiny project with a fellow co-worker, Neil, due mainly to the fact that some non-coworker friends shot their mouths off on Facebook on our previous Fire Safety Friday posts (you know who you are Sarah Fischer-Reynolds and Erin Runser McCombs. I see you both and I know where you live).

The project should have been simple. Shoot a video about firefighter health and fitness (my personal area of expertise) that lasted less than 60 seconds, upload it to Facebook and write a caption. Could. Not. Be. Easier.

Two MONTHS later, the post is finally live. Yes. I’m serious. You can check it out if you want to: Click Here

You see, I tried a dozen times to shoot the video on my own but with my ancient iPhone, lack of good lighting and overall inexperience with shooting videos, the product just didn’t come out well. Plus, in order to be more impactful, the video should be shot at the firehouse with real live firefighters and in front of a truck. After my dozen attempts, I came to that realization and started looking for a time when Neil and I were both on duty. That finally happened on Saturday May 25 when I was coming in at 1900 hours to take over for him. Perfect. We were both in the SAME place at the SAME time. Magical.

I showed up in my workout gear and spent the better part of 30 minutes convincing Neil that he had to be in the video too. We found another firefighter (thanks TC) who would operate the camera and we shot the most magnificent video in ONE TAKE. And then we watched it back. I hadn’t waited long enough after TC started rolling and my first words were cut off. No problem. One more take and we would be out of there!

A crowd was beginning to gather and watch (including the PD and a civilian that was pulled over in front of the firehouse) and now the pressure was on. By that time, I was sweating profusely, and other firefighters were filming outtakes. It was getting ridiculous. It took us easily 6 more takes in order to get a passable product.

Then Neil had issues uploading the video (have you seen an old Godzilla movie?). And our computer company had issues downloading the video. Everyone had issues throughout the entire process!

What’s the lesson here?

Thanks for asking!

I didn’t WANT to shoot this video. I did it because I was asked to do it and I felt like I should. It wasn’t an easy or quick process because I’m not a tech savvy person. I don’t own that video-making skill set. Anything that possibly could have gone wrong, went wrong x 1000. Even after I committed to doing the project, I wanted to quit.

This might perfectly describe your fitness struggles. You don’t WANT to eat right and exercise. You KNOW you should, but it’s not going to be an easy process and you’re not an expert. Things are going to go wrong. You will want to quit. It’s So. Darn. Hard.

But it’s worth it. Your health, wellness and quality of life are all worth it. Start today. Do something small. Let it snowball. I promise you’re worth it.


PS: This project CONTINUES to be So. Darn. Hard. I wanted to upload the video to Instagram, but due to technical difficulties, it’s not happening.

PPS: This is why I have a “Lex”. You might need a Lex too. Ask for help when you need help! In 3 keystrokes she solved the problem I’d been working on all day. Thank you, Lex!!!!! I love your guts.