The Best Intentions

I realized today why so many of my clients and potential clients fail to follow through with the work needed to meet their goals. As always…the back story:

One of my co-workers and his wife have a very sick little boy. In typical FD spouse fashion, 3 amazing wives organized not only a meal train (for those unfamiliar, instead of dropping by 1980’s style with a casserole you sign up on an organized document that keeps track of date, meal and person bringing said meal) and a gift support system. Those clever wives thought of everything: gift cards for parking at the hospital, gas cards, Easter baskets for the other kids, bottle of wine and chocolates for mom…you get the point. We’re all rallying together to take care of our family in their time of need. Each person is giving a little that will mean a lot to the family.

I’m always a little slow on the trigger to sign up for things, so by the time I logged in, most items were already accounted for. And the family lives a little far from me to have a delivered meal work out for the best. I decided that my contribution would be a gift card for self-care. My intent was that the mom and dad would get a massage or use the card to schedule someone to come clean their house or maybe get a couple’s pedicure. Fun, right? But first, I wanted to run it by one of the wives that organized the sharing to make sure it was a good idea. She agreed, so I added it to my list for today.

I’m 48 years old. I make lists. And if something doesn’t get on the list, most often it doesn’t get done. I forget things…a lot! My list for today included:

  • Chiropractor Appointment (shout out to Dr. Tyler Reynolds at Functional Effect in Downers Grove, IL)

  • Train 1 in person client and 1 remote client

  • Train myself

  • Watch a webinar

  • Fill my vitamin container for the week

  • Write my blog

  • Speak with my Superhero friend, Lex

  • Research a topic that was of concern for one of my remote clients

  • Film a few videos

  • Watch my friend, Chris Marella’s (@4thShiftFitness on Instagram) video. Firefighters, check Chris out. He’s good people.

  • Sign up for my gift to the family

As always, I try to prioritize my list with the most pressing and time sensitive things first, and the less pressing things last. But sometimes I skip around on the list. So, after arriving home and training my clients I logged into the site and signed myself up for the self-care gift card. I then crossed it off my list. I was done. Complete. Finite. Mission accomplished. Boom. Gratified feelings of accomplishment ensued.

And then I stopped dead in my tracks and put it back on my list. I hadn’t accomplished ANYTHING. I had only signed up for an action I intended to do. I had typed in my first and last name into a document where other people were witness to my intentions, but I hadn’t purchased the gift card or written the check. I hadn’t composed a few caring and supportive words on a card, and I hadn’t delivered it to the fire station to be placed amongst the gifts for the family. In short, I hadn’t done s***!!!!

Backstory complete. How many times have you signed up for something related to your health and wellness and never followed through? Perhaps you bought a 10 pack at Orange Theory and never went. Maybe you made an appointment with a nutritionist and went to the appointment and never completed the assigned tasks. My friends <dramatic pause> your intentions don’t matter! The only thing that matters is your actions and follow through. Nobody cares what you intend to do, just like no one cares that I intended to write a check to the family in need. It only matters when you follow through and check the box. Your health and wellness are your responsibility and intentions will never move you toward your goals. Only actions will have that effect. You don’t improve your health and your life by INTENTIONS!

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